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Family Trust Justice

Senior couple signing will documents. Elderly caucasian man and woman sitting at home and signing some paperwork, focus on hands.

We handle disputes and problems with family trusts, living trusts, wills and trusts.  If your family has substantial assets and has a trust to plan inheritance and probate minimization issues, and a problem comes up, we can help.  We are experienced in the litigation of issues where a trust has not been administered fairly or properly, where there are questioned documents, or changes that may have been the result of coercion, or excessive persuasion.

Sometimes, a living trust or family trust is not sufficiently updated, or key assets are not properly put into the trust.  We can help correct the situation.  Other times, only after the passing of one or both of the trust trustor’s–typically the parents in a family–does it become clear that one of the beneficiaries was exercising undue influence on the trustors.  It may be that some trust assets have been wrongfully taken, or undervalued, by one or more of the beneficiaries.  Unfortunately, families include multiple generations of issues, tugs over control, smoldering issues, and many times, one or more new spouses.  All of these many issues need to throughly investigated and the full facts discovered.  Only then can the law be applied to achieve justice and fairness in the family trust justice litigation world.

We can help correct the application of a will or trust, or issues relating to life estates, wills and trusts, estates and inheritance.  We are very experienced in marshaling the facts, properly working the law, and achieving real world results.


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