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Business Litigation / General Counsel Advice

Law 2We are very experienced in all aspects of business general counsel work, including new businesses and growing business advocacy.  From dealing with the complex choices of finance and capital raises, to business structures, shareholder rights, and multi-state regulations, we can help your business grow and prosper.  It is always better to be started on the right path, with the right entity, review of leases, employee requirements, banking and financing agreements, then to try to correct errors after they have happened.

We are experienced in trademark and copyright litigation, and the overall protection of your intellectual property rights.  We can handle lease and real estate issues, as well as partnership organization and disputes.  We are here to help you grow to success.  We help people and their businesses determine their best legal strategies, in conjunction with other attorneys, tax professionals, and other professionals.  We work to be a guide and counselor to the legal world.  From avoiding potential legal complications, to solving unanticipated and even unfair problems, we are always here to patiently listen, learn facts, and help you move ahead in a productive direction.

We are here to take the time to really work with our business and organization clients, to understand their business and goals, and to help the legal structure support those goals.


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