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Wrongful Death and Serious Injury

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We have a distinguished department focused on wrongful death cases–the most serious and difficult of serious injury cases.  We handle serious, complex injury claims, against insurance companies and public entities, that have failed to provide for reasonably safe conditions, resulting is significant physical harm.  Wrongful death lawsuits in California are governed by a very specialized and peculiar set of laws and cases; without significant experience and understanding of how these obstacles are used, they can be very damaging to your road to justice.  We know how to properly use the law and regulations to fulfill their purposes, and arrive at a place of justice, and to help prevent others from suffering the same losses in the future.

The serious injury case is something that few Los Angeles personal injury attorneys are really qualified to handle.  As a person, family, or loved ones seeking fair and just compensation for injuries caused by the carelessness or lack of concern of others, such as people, businesses, and city and other governmental units, and we are here to help.  There can be many complex obstacles to getting the full and just compensation that is needed to help mend a person’s body and family.  In the case of a serious injury or death, we work hard to help people achieve the goal of preventing others from suffering in the same serious way.  Many of our clients find it very important to see a dangerous condition fixed so no one else gets hurt.  We work hard to know and help our clients in their legal goals.

We further take the time to fully communicate with our clients about the legal process.  Real life is so different from what people see portrayed on television or the movies.  We consider it a point of dignity and respect that our clients understand the fundamentals of what is going on in their cases, why certain facts are important and other facts less so, and how the legal system is likely to operate in their particular situation.  We don’t deal in generalities, we work hard on your specific case to get a very strong outcome.  If you or a loved one has suffered a serious injury or death, we will be aggressive, thorough, and focused on your case and situation, to achieve a fair and just result, in a way that is understandable and just to you.


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