Wrongful Death & Serious Injury FAQ

Has a loved one suffered a wrongful death or serious injury?

We have a long time focus on wrongful death cases.  Obviously, death is the most extreme and damaging situation that a loved one can suffer because of another person or corporation.  The ramifications are profound.  Many lawyers don’t fully understand the differences between bringing a case for the family of someone who suffered a wrongful death because of the negligence of a person or corporation.

California has unique laws that apply to wrongful death, and a failure to fully understand those laws may cause incomplete, if any, compensation.

How is your firm best in helping families of people who have suffered a wrongful death?

We have important experience in working with people who have a loved one they have lost.  Whether the wrongful death of a parent, a child, or a spouse, we have the ability to really focus on helping to obtain the financial compensation available under the law.  Importantly, too, we focus on helping change systems and corporate actions, to help make your wrongful death loss something less likely to happen again, to other people, in the future.  Every avoidable wrongful death not only sends terrible suffering, but is also a failed earlier opportunity to avoid that death.

We help the other sides become very motivated to care about life and safety as they always should have before.  We push hard for actual and real change, to help prevent other families from suffering the same kind of loss, even as we push very hard for full financial compensation under the law.

Why is Wrongful Death something that requires a lawyer with special knowledge, when so many lawyers do injury cases?

Wrongful death cases are governed by a different set of laws in California.  There are additional laws and requirements, when there is a wrongful death, than a simple injury.  Many other lawyers handle routine injury cases.  Slip and falls, dog bites, small car accidents simply do not have the legal hurdles nor the complexity that is involved in wrongful death cases.  While other lawyers routinely handle small cases, we do not.  Our intensity and aggressive litigation, as well as strong support for a grieving family, is focused on wrongful death cases.

We include serious personal injury, where there is hospitalization, in our practice because those situations bring the threat of death as well, and we are committed to helping families obtain all the fair compensation they are due, and motivating defendants to avoid causing injury in the future.


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