Legal Questions About Construction Defects

My family bought a new house. After we moved in, we noticed many things that were not right. Is that a construction defect?

Construction defects can include many different systems of a structure and its relation to the real estate it sits on.  Whether your property is a single family home, a condo, or a commercial building, whenever people are involved in designing and building structures, it is possible to have construction defects.  These construction defects may be hidden at first, or difficult to discover until some event happens, which is often some visible damage being caused by the construction defect.

What is involved in getting compensation on a construction defect?

Construction defect work involves significant investigation and expert work.  Investigation includes inspections of the property, photographs, and measurements.  Are heights consistent, is there too much or too little slope, what is inside a wall or under the ground are all questions that may be involved.  A close review of the architectural and engineering drawings, and the as build situation, is important.

Once the problems are known, then experts can determine how to best remedy or repair those problems.  Those repair measures may include repair or replacement.

The costs of those procedures, and the method of repair, are often important issues in a construction defects case.

How is your firm the right one for my construction defect case?

We are experienced in construction defects, have an appreciation for the design and building process, and a concern for things to be done right.  We like construction, and want to see beautiful buildings put up right.  We believe you can’t force someone to do a job and expect optimal results.  With construction defects, we have experience that includes many different types of situations.

We use that experience, and our plain enthusiasm for the area, to work hard for your best results.


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