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COVID-19 Business Interruption Insurance Litigation–We Can Get Your Claim Paid

We are insurance litigation leaders, helping to get business insurance claims paid.  While we have great experience in business property and business interruption litigation, the latest claims and denials are rapidly developing from COVID-19 corona virus and the public orders put in place.  While the largest insurance companies in the United States (and the world) [...]

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Legal Questions About Construction Defects

My family bought a new house. After we moved in, we noticed many things that were not right. Is that a construction defect? Construction defects can include many different systems of a structure and its relation to the real estate it sits on.  Whether your property is a single family home, a condo, or a [...]

Wrongful Death & Serious Injury FAQ

Has a loved one suffered a wrongful death or serious injury? We have a long time focus on wrongful death cases.  Obviously, death is the most extreme and damaging situation that a loved one can suffer because of another person or corporation.  The ramifications are profound.  Many lawyers don’t fully understand the differences between bringing [...]

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Outsourcing A General Counsel – Can It Help Me?

What is your General Counsel practice all about? Our General Counsel practice is a special service that we offer to businesses and to high-net worth individuals and their families.  For a flat fee retainer, we are available to the business or individual to review and handle all of their legal needs on the counsel level.  [...]

Life Insurance Litigation / Life Insurance Claims FAQs

Is your Insurance Company giving you unfair grief? An insurance company in California has a high duty to fairly investigate a claim.  The insurance company must pay policy benefits if there is support for the payment.  They cannot ignore facts supporting payment, to continue searching only for facts to twist to avoid payment. If [...]

Business Litigation and Breaches of Contract FAQs

What is business litigation? Business litigation includes handling breaches of contract.  We litigate for you and your business not just on the day to day needs, but on the change of ownership issues as well.  We always look at businesses as the expression of the passion and hard work of the owners and founders, and [...]